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学术演讲 Academic Talk




eg:   listen to a guest speaker in a middle school classroom.

       listen to a teacher talking in a history class.

Academic Talk 1

26.What is the main topicof the talk?

A. Unusual foods served in castles

B. The training of cooks in castles

C. The earliest known castle kitchen

D.The workings of a castle's kitchen

27. What was importantabout the location of a castle's kitchen?

A. It was connected to the great hall.

B. It was below the chef's living area.

C. It allowed food to be served hot.

D.It protected castle residents from fires.

28. What does the teachersay about vegetables?

A. They were expensive.

B. They were grown in the castle's garden.

C. They were bought from nearby villages.

D. They were kept frozen in winter.

29. According to theteacher, what was the chef's main responsibility?

A.Managing the kitchen workers

B. Buying the ingredients for meals

C. Baking bread for everyone in the castle

D. Presenting the food to the king andqueen

(Audio Script)

Narrator: Questions 26 through 29. Listento a teacher talking in a history class.


     When people think of life in Europehundreds of years ago, they often think of castles built of stone with hugetowers, castles with homes of kings and queens and other powerful people. Hundredsof relatives, soldiers and workers also lived there.

    The kitchen was a very important place inthe castle. It was busy all day and every day. Acastle's kitchen was usually located a good distance away from other castle roomsand buildings. Especially the great hall, a large room, where peoplegathered for meals and other activities. This wasbecause of the danger of fires. The kitchen staff needed to use fire forcooking, but sometimes kitchen fires accidentally grew out of control and couldspread to other parts of the castle. That's why thekitchen was usually far away.

Each kitchen also had agarden, where vegetables were grown.

    Back then, food could not be frozen or keptin refrigerators like today. Some vegetables could be stored underground butnot for long. So most vegetables were picked fresh from the castle garden asthey were needed. But of course, a king's dinner consists of many otheringredients like bread, meat and fish.

    To prepare a full meal,many cooks were needed. The castle kitchen employed awhole team of people, some of whom made bread and others prepared desserts orcooked meat dishes. The chef was like a head manager, who was responsible formaking sure that the team of assistants did their job right. Although chefswould also be involved in the cooking of some parts of the meal, their maintask was to supervise the whole team.

学术演讲文章结构: 总—分


Academic Talk 2

7. What is the main topicof the talk?

A. Newly discovered type of ant

B.Type of ant with unusual skills

C. An increase in the population of onetype of ant

D. A type of ant that could be dangerous tohumans

8. According to theteacher, what is one activity that both leafcutter ants and people do?

A. Clean their food

B.Grow their own food

C. Eat several times a day

D. Feed their young special food

9. What does the teachersay my people think must be true about leafcutter ants?

A. They eat leaves

B. They live in plants

C.They have sharp teeth.

D. They are especially large.

10.   What did the experiments show about leafcutterants?

A. How fast they grow

B. Which plants they eat

C. Where they look for leaves

D. How much weight they can carry

(Audio Script)

Narrator: Questions 7 through 10. Listen toa teacher talking in a biology class.

Woman: We've talkedabout how ants live and work together in huge communities. Well, oneparticular kind of ant community also grows its own food. So you could saythese ants are like people—like farmers. And what do these ants grow? They growfungi. Fungi are kind of like plants—mushrooms are a kind of fungi. These antshave gardens, you could say, in their underground nests. This is where thefungi are grown.

Now, this particular kindof ant is called a leafcutter ant. Because of theirname, people often think that leafcutter ant eat leaves. If they cut up leavesthey must eat them, right? Well, they don't! They actually use the leaves as akind of fertilizer.

Leafcutter ants go out of their nests looking for leaves from plants or trees.

They cut the leaves off and carry themunderground... and then feed the leaves to the fungi—the fungi are able toabsorb nutrients from the leaves. What the ants eat are the fungi that theygrow. In that way, they are like farmers!

The amazing thing about these ants is thatthe leaves they get are often larger and heavier than the ants themselves. If aleaf is too large, leafcutter ants will oftencut it up into smaller pieces—but not all the time. Some ants carry wholeleaves back into the nest. In fact, some experiments have been done to measurethe heaviest leaf a leafcutter ant can lift without cutting it. It turns out that, it depends on the individual ant. Someare stronger than others. The experiments showed that some “super ants” canlift leaves about 100 times the weight of their body!

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